Why choose Admission.Center?

In fact, this question is incorrect.

This question you can ask when choosing an agent or even university.

We are Admission.Centre. We are an international organization that cooperates with the Ministry of Education of the countries in which we provide services. We are not agents, we are not universities. We are above it. Admission Centre has been specifically established to facilitate of admission and education for foreign students. It was a forced step. In our time there are too many agents, many of which provide substandard services or too overstate fees. Therefore, after consulting the ministries of education in many countries, it was decided to create an international organization that will make the admission and education of students simple and straightforward.

Choosing Admission Center, you get:

  • Guaranteed admission
  • Tuitions fee without overpayments
  • Safe center for admission and education
  • Assistance in admission
  • Assistance in obtaining a visa
  • Assistance during training
  • Employment assistance after education
  • Summer job assistance
  • and we are constantly working on a variety of nice bonuses for students